Taking a bullet in the head doesn't automatically qualify you for a statue at Kalamazoo's Bronson Park. Yes, that's a snarky way to look at it, but if you've been to Bronson Park in the past few years, you know it's not quite the same as it was, for better or worse. The point is not to have the same discussion as we did some five years ago, but simply state two things. One, in the current atmosphere, is even someone who is held in as high esteem as Abraham Lincoln, could even Lincoln pass muster in our cancel culture?

And the other point, okay, the Fountain of the Pioneers is gone. But couldn't another water/pool-like design be put in its place? Water represents life. Who's against that? And the park seems to be missing something. It's just not special anymore.

And I'm sorry, but even a statue of me isn't going to make Bronson Park any more attractive on a warm sunny day.

Actually, the Lincoln statue has been in the works for over a decade. It commemorates Lincoln's only visit to Michigan, but it was in 1856, four years before he was President of the United States. Not too many people at that point knew he'd be special. He was just one of many speakers that day.

The statue will be placed slightly north of the center point of the park, and it won't cost the city any money to keep it or maintain it. Private donations and a non-profit group are paying for the statue and to maintain it in the future.

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