Have You Ever Seen A Rare Albino Squirrel?  They Are Here In Michigan

Can a squirrel be Albino?  According to Scientific American:

“Any animal that has melanocytes can get albinism. That means virtually all mammals. Reptiles, amphibians and lower vertebrates can also be albinos, but these organisms may also have other types pigment production cells besides melanocytes, so they may not appear colorless. In the zoo here in Cincinnati, we had an albino alligator.”

An Albino baby squirrel was found outside of an office complex in Macomb County.  A group called Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) in Romeo scurried into action to save the baby squirrel.

Here the cute little thing is:

According to DAWG’s website:

“The Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) consists of 100 wonderful volunteers who are dedicated to help all animals in need. Although based in Romeo, Michigan we reach out to communities like Detroit to help neglected, sick, and homeless animals.  We have a beautiful 25 acre farm with a dog kennel, heated barn for farm animals and many enclosures for wildlife rehabilitation.”

The group will check out the health of the squirrel and determine if they can release it back into the wild.  Check out their website for further updates.

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