At first I thought this may be a new beer.  Ya know, Yooper Lite.  and that would've been fine with me.  That not being the case, my next guess was some sort of celestial phenomenon like the Northern Lights.  After all, they're up there were stuff like that can happen.  I hope that last part wasn't too technical.  Then I thought, hey wait a minute, could it be some mysterious lights in the woods that you can only see in one particular place but can't be explained?  Nope.  Wrong again.

As it turns out, according to our friends at, Yooperlites are actually stones found on a Lake Superior beach.  Apparently, they actually glow a bright orange and look like you're holding lava in your hand.  I have to admit, this isn't very exciting to me but they are to a lot of other people.  There's a Yooperlites club with their own Facebook page and everything.  Check it out by clicking HERE.


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