On vacation recently, we traveled to many parts of this great state; mainly in the mitten.  What I began to notice is that those of us "trolls" under the bridge have a unique way of expressing ourselves that is usually credited to the "Yoopers".

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

So I started to keep track of some of the slang I heard and discovered I use and came up with my favorites.  Are these any you've heard or maybe use?

- "Couple Two Three"- I heard this and realized I say the same thing in variations.

- "Un-Thaw"- Here's another one I use and realized the mistake.

- "Ja-Eat?"-  We can't be bothered to ask: "Did you eat?"

- "Start With Me Last"- This is one I heard but don't say...I don't think.

-"Where-bouts"- Hey!  Why waste syllables.

-"Stop n Go Lights"- This may just be generational but I head a teenager say it.

- "Meer"- Ya... Mirror.

- "Crans"- Ya...Crayons.

-"Michigan Left"- This one I heard for the first time.  It's a U-turn.  I always say U-ee.

Bonus video:

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