Just when the Halloween season couldn't get any weirder, now people are getting crazy with their snack choices. Recently St. Julian Winery and Sweetwaters Donuts teamed together to make a donut infused with one of their wines. Let's a take a look. Wine: Good. Donut...better. Donut wine? That's got to be an interesting combination. But interesting pairing combinations aren't anything new to Kalamazoo. Earlier this year Shawarma King teamed up with Nonla burger to make an amazing Shawarma burger, as well as Rolled Up Ice cream teaming with Gull Meadow Farms to make their cider & donuts ice cream.

But this combination has me intrigued. Sweetwater's has created a donut made with St. Julian Wine's Head Games wine by taking their white cake mix and using Head Games to make the batter instead of water. The alcohol cooks out in the fryer, but the flavor and color are left behind. The donut is covered in a light glaze, sprinkled with mulling spices, and finished with some festive frosting and sprinkles. The donuts are also available until October 25th at all their locations.

This weekend, St. Julian Winery is hosting an event at their Paw Paw tasting room were they'll be selling the donut and a Head Games cocktail for $7 ($6 for Wine Club members). Hours this weekend in Paw Paw are Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 11am-6pm.
Head Games donuts are also available October 19th-25th at all Sweetwater's locations. I may have to dabble and try one of these out.
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