I've never been a single woman on a Saturday night, maybe with some girlfriends, maybe alone in front a TV, bingeing. The image in my head is from the 1970's and the stay at home shows on CBS, with the Mary Tyler Moore show right smack dab in the middle of that line up.

But when I see a release talking about pairing wines with cookies, that's where my mind goes first.

The Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan organization has announced a new fundraiser event: pairing Girl Scout Cookie favorites with St. Julian's Wine!

Here's the link to the St. Julian's page with the wines being paired.

The pairings are essentially dry and sweet. It's appears the cookie choices are "Lemon Ups, Thin Mints", with a two bottle order, and then Samoas and Do-Si-do's for the four bottle order of Sweet wines. For dry wine lovers, the cookie choices are the same as the sweet wine pairings, but the wines are dry. The wine choices are (sweet) On the Town, Moo-Low, Solera Cream Sherry, and Late Nights. The dry options are: Brut Champagne, Reserve Pinot Grigio, Braganini Reserve Cabernet Franc, and Braganini Reserve Merlot.

All this leads up to an virtual Wine & Girl Scout Cookie Pairing event on Thursday, April 22, 2021. That event starts at 6pm and goes til after 7pm on the Girl Scout's Facebook page.

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This sounds like a fun event, and alternative to the beer events, for those who don't love beer. And it helps out the local Girl Scout organization.

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