So there I was minding my own business, doing some yard work over the weekend and what do I find when I take the tarp off my wood pile behind my shed?  Something, I don't know what, has dug a hole under the shed.  I made a call to Sturgis where I make all my critter calls and, apparently, it's a groundhog. Do I need to be concerned I ask?  Absolutely I'm told.  Next question: How do I get rid of it?  That's easy they said...shoot it.  Well, that's not practical in my neighborhood so on to other answers.

My first thought was to flood the hole with a hose.  Then I got a better idea.  Fill the hole with quick-drying cement.  I haven't decided if either of those will work so in the meantime other solutions came my way.  My friend Dale suggested I put a banana at the entrance to the hole because groundhogs love them but can't digest them.  Do I want to wait till constipation kills the little varmint?  Another friend, Tim, says to simply take a pee in the hole and the rodent will never go in there again.  Seems like less of a guarantee but I like the idea of doing it just for the symbolic satisfaction.

Then I did what anyone does in a situation like this.  I googled it and here are Google's top 5 ways to get rid of a groundhog:

1. Trap it and release it 5 miles from the spot.

2.  Create vibrations in the ground to scare it away.

3.  smoke it out of the tunnel.

4.  Pour ammonia down the tunnel

5.  Garlic & Pepper

I think I'll use the garlic and pepper to season it when I cook it over a spit.

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