It sure looks like we haven't made much progress here in America getting control of Coronavirus.  For a while in April and May it looked like we here in Michigan were going to get there.  Now, more and more people are testing positive and the situation has leveled off or is getting worse.

There are many who are saying we're just not willing as a country to do what is necessary to get this under control in order to really get the economy going, get the kids back to school and just get back to some of the things we miss.

Some of these same people and others believe we will not achieve the success of Europe in quelling the spread and will simply have to just ride it out and hope for the best.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that either.

From the beginning the idea was flatten the curve, get it under control and get a vaccine as soon as possible.  Well, I guess we'll just have to hope that a vaccine is developed before we lose too many more of us Americans.

If you've been watching the news reports there seems to be a few promising medications that may be the answer.  Unfortunately, much more study has to be done in terms of effectiveness and safety.  And here's where you may be able to help.

A website has been set up to volunteer for the vaccine trials which will be conducted a several places arounf the country including the Midwest.  There will definately be testing in Chicago, for instance, and possibly Detroit as well.  To check out the website click HERE.

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