In the last 25 years we went from a dog that loved to play in the water to a dog that won't go near it.  Allie was a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix and you couldn't get her out of the water or get her to stop playing fetch.  Gracie, who's 13 and a Yellow Lab/Beagle mix, won't go near the water and never had any interest in learning how to play fetch.  Maybe it's just as well because, as it turns out, we might not let her in the water anymore anyway.

According to, an alert has been issued due to blue-green algae in the water of many lakes that could be very harmful to your dog.  Even if your dog doesn't drink the water, they could get some of the harmful algae on their fur and that too could present a danger to the dog's liver, nervous system and other areas of concern.  Get more details and ways to deal with a potential problem by clicking HERE.

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