Today the Baseball Hall Of Fame announces the new class for induction.  We should at least see a couple players announced for induction.  One name who should be announced that won't be is former Tigers shortstop, Alan Trammell.

Alan Trammell played shortstop for the Detroit Tigers for his entire 20 year career.  He was a member of the 1984 World Series team and had one of the best double play combos in history with Lou Whitaker.

According to CBS Sports, He left the game in 1996 with a career  .285/.352/.415 (110 OPS+) hitter with 2,365 hits, 412 doubles, 185 home runs, 1,003 RBI, 236 steals, 850 walks and 874 strikeouts. Among players who played the majority of their games at shortstop, Trammell ranks 11th in hits, 13th in home runs, 13th in times on base and 18th in OPS+.

His numbers are very similar to Barry Larkin, who is in the hall.   To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, a player has to receive 75 percent of the vote, Trammell's closest total was 36.8 percent in 2012.

So unless he sees a major increase today, He won't get in as it is his final time on the ballot.  He could still be voted in and I hope he does by the Expansion Era Committee down the road.

It would of been nice to have seen the writers put him in.  If He never does get into the Hall of Fame, he will still be one of the all time greats in Tigers history, one of my all time favorites and a Hall Of Fame player to me.