Shot in the Mall City, Full Frontal Cortez' music video features plenty of local landmarks.

You may remember the Kalamazoo-based "punkternative jam power rock trio" Full Frontal Cortez from their beer-soaked salute to Spring song "Oberon Day." Maybe you've seen them around town at Shakespeare's, Rupert's, Old Dog or Louie's. Have you seen their video? The band shared the clip for their song "COPS" on their Facebook page with the following message:

Good People,
Last Saturday, the band was pulled over by the local authorities for NO REASON and they beat the living crap out of us!!! Thank God there was a witness that caught it all on video. PLEASE check out the video, send bail $, and call your congressman to protest!!!

I dig the tune, but the best part of the video is looking for local landmarks. Watch for the "ain't no party like a Kalamazoo party" t-shirt as the guys make a beer run to The Corkscrew. After they siphon some gas, the action ramps up. Police pursuit begins with the psychiatric hospital tower in the background, and the trio is eventually captured, forcing the bass player to trade his Hamilton Harley-Davidson t-shirt for an orange jumpsuit. Along the way you'll see fliers from local bars and many other Kalamazoo references packed into this 3 minute video. What did you see that we missed?


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