It is often said that ice fishing is the great equalizer among those who fish and here's why. In the Summer if you have a boat, you can pretty much travel anywhere on the lake you want. If you don't have a boat well, you're stuck casting from the shoreline. On the ice however, you can go anywhere on the lake you want. You're equal on lake location among all who are there to fish.

We  must remember however, that It takes a special breed of person to wake up at the crack of dawn, load up all your fishing gear, walk onto a large lake that is iced over, drill a hole in that very same ice, plop down a bucket and begin a day of fishing.  So it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that an ice fisherman found a way to build a better mouse trap or this case, one that catches fish instead of mice.

Meet Greg. Greg is a self-taught survivalist from British Colombia, who has spent forty years learning bushcraft survivalist skills by studying plants, animals and wilderness edibles. He has even developed some of his own survival techniques and is a skilled hunter with both a bow and a slingshot and now...a mouse trap.

Watch as Greg shows you not only how to build the better mouse trap but how to apply it when out on the ice hoping to catch the big one. I found this technique to be quite interesting and I'm going to try it myself. I'll let you know how it works out, although it's likely to work out the same way the mouse traps I set around my house do...empty.

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