These are the "Do's and Don'ts" when facing a bear in the wild and why women have the edge on survival.

Michigan's population of black bears are actually timid and avoid confrontation with humans. However, a search for food or confrontation involving cubs can lead to a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers the following potentially life-saving guide to encountering a bear.


Do Not:

  • Show fear or run
  • Play dead


  • Make yourself look bigger
  • Speak to the bear in a firm, loud voice
  • Stand your ground and then slowly back away
  • Fight back if attacked
  • Carry pepper spray- it stops attacks 65% of the time

Are you surprised by these suggestions? Doesn't it seem like you've heard that you are supposed to play dead if attacked? How about that pepper spray? It looks like ladies may have the edge in surviving a bear encounter if they have mace on their keychain.

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