No surprise that in a recent study the Cowboys and Patriots have the best fans.  The Detroit Lions, despite not having won a Super Bowl, rated pretty average for this study.

According to the story from Yahoo Sports,  a study was done by Emory University ranking the fan bases of all NFL teams.

The rankings are based on fan equity (how much fans spend on their team).  Social equity, which is how much time fans spend following teams on social media.  Road equity is how well teams draw fans on the road.

As you would expect leading the rankings are the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots and the recent champs, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Winning helps rankings but doesn't always lead to a good ranking.  Teams like the Vikings (lost in the NFC title game), Panthers and Rams are all featured near the bottom half of the list.

The Lions are on the list at 20th overall.  They rank 20th in fan equity,15th social equity and 19th in road equity.    A little below average i'm curious to see if the Lions ever did win anything if they would move up on this list.

The Chicago Bears, despite their finishes in recent seasons, still have a strong fan base at number 6.

The worst teams fans in this study are the Chiefs, Rams and Titans.  This is a yearly list that is put together and the top five was unchanged from last year.

What do you think Lions fans are you the fan ranked too low or too high?

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