When people are after you with guns, you seek safety in the Lord. Who wouldn't?

It was apparent on the opening day of firearms deer season in Michigan, that something was amiss at the Brace Church in Sturgis.

Clearly someone or something had busted in to the sanctuary of the building, and that someone or something was still there.

It was a deer that had gotten in overnight, probably aware of what was about to go down outside the church. The ten point buck was seeking one thing.


We pick up the story now from the people who found the deer in the church as they posted to the Grace Church Facebook page.

When Luke Eicher, Justin Wickey and Amanda Eicher arrived at the church this morning, they found signs of breaking and entering. Little did they know that a 10-point buck had come for prayer in the auditorium on opening day of gun season.
There was some damage to the building and our pastors are a little traumatized. But the buck left strengthened in the Lord to go face his battles.
We don't know what happened to the deer. We may never know. We only hope he found peace. Or provided someone with a nice meal or two. Or three.

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