The cold temperatures in April have made it difficult for many spring outdoor events.  It has also made one of the ferry's to Mackinac Island delay their opening start date.

According to the story from M-Live,  Shepler's Mackinac Island ferry has delayed their opening day for the season due to the current ice conditions in the Straits.

The service for the season was suppose to begin yesterday and has been delayed until next Wednesday, April 25th.

Weather in Northern Michigan recently saw high snow totals and with the cold weather through out the winter, the current ice conditions have made travel rather difficult.

The other ferry service for the island, Star Line has actually been running but their service has been off and on due to the ice conditions.

It is suggested if you will be making a trip up to the island to contact the ferry services to find out their schedules and if they will be having scheduled trips to the historic island.

You can check out Shepler's and Star Line for more details.

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