So let's take a look at where we started and where we might be headed.  As you take that trip down marijuana lane from an obvious reference point in the 60s to today, you'll see a natural progression from smoking it to, now, eating it and using other form like oils for other purposes. Naively, I never expected the industry would evolve into something that only someone who was really high could come up with.

According to an article I saw on, there's a company called Foria that is going from smokables to edibles to insertables.  That's right!  They have developed a marijuana tampon and many women are saying let me at it!  Apparently, the "Tampots" (my word not theirs) may relieve the pain from menstrual cramps, pelvic related pain and back pain.  As you might then imagine, yes, they have developed marijuana suppository products as well. Ya know, the more I think about it the more it makes sense.  After all, we take pills, apply creams, are given shots, etc and think nothing of it.  Ya INSERTABLES!!!  Check out the rest of the details and a news report by clicking HERE.



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