We're 20 days away from election day and already there have been some preemptive measures taken in regard to marijuana.  Over the last several months I've tried to bring as many perspectives and angles to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan as I could.  What the communities think, how law enforcement feels, how much money the state of Michigan will take in from taxes, just to name a few.

Now we find out that Gov. Snyder has signed legislation to immediately prohibit marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks in Michigan.  Personally, I think this is a good thing at least to start.  I've previously pointed out that states like Colorado have see an increase in vehicular related deaths due in part to overdoses of marijuana edibles.  People have not been educated enough to know that you have to know how much is safe to ingest as the mind-altering properties are so concentrated.  So maybe we should wait awhile before unleashing the pot/booze combo.

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