It should come as no surprise that the government - both state, and federal - have a lot of guidelines when it comes to what you can, and cannot grow. One of the most obvious is cannabis and cocoa plants, as those can be turned into illicit "drugs." Though, in Michigan's State Law, growth of marijuana is allowed within certain restrictions.

The same can be said of other crops as well, including one you wouldn't think could grow well in the Mitten state, but it does... Peanuts.

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Primarily a southern crop, peanuts seem harmless enough. But, they have found themselves on a laundry list of crops on the "no-grow" list across the country, and are heavily regulated.

Realistically, no, it's not illegal to grow your own peanuts in Michigan. If you have them in your garden, and intend to ONLY use them for your own purposes, then there's nothing wrong with attempting to grow peanuts. But at one time, the U.S. Government did step in, and completely prevent people from growing them altogether.

Government Regulating Growing Peanuts

In the 1930s, Peanuts, along with tobacco and other plants were regulated for "the use of supply-limiting marketing quotas and price supports." Basically, the government set a limit to stabilize the price of the products that would help farmers have a livable income in the market.

In 1949, the U.S. congress made it illegal to grow peanuts without a federal license. That was created to limit federal spending, and at one point, the government even stopped giving out licenses so no one new could begin selling peanuts.

But, over the years, the system reportedly became unstable, and finally, in 2002, the Farm Act was passed, and peanuts were taken out of the quota program.

Can You Grow Peanuts In Michigan Now?

Michigan is by no means a major peanut producer. Every single major crow state is in the south of the country. But, it is still possible to grow your own peanuts in the state of Michigan if conditions are right.

But, the second you consider distributing your peanuts, the seeds, or products made with your peanuts, expect some government intervention. One of the main risks is due to the dangerous nature of some allergens. If you are not part of a licensed food provider, cultivator, or distributor, you could see MASSIVE fines if caught selling peanut products.

So while it's technically not illegal to grow your own peanuts in Michigan, it is illegal to distribute them still, but for good reason. The last thing you want is for someone to get sick, and even possibly die from something you made.

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