As the debate rages on surrounding illegal immigration and separation of families other peripheral issues are starting to crop up. According to the Associated Press, It seems that immigrants who enlisted in the US Army with a promised path to citizenship are being quickly discharged.  Now, I'm not exactly sure how this whole thing works in terms of an illegal immigrant being accepted into the armed forces.

The article goes on to say that a specific program was developed for just such a situation and about 10,000 immigrants are currently serving.  And we're not talking just Mexican and Central & South American immigrants.  There are men & women from Pakistan, Iran and many other parts of the world.  So the question then is, should there be special dispensation for those immigrants who have chosen loyalty to the United States and are willing to give their lives defending it?  Or, is illegal just illegal and they must go back and apply for traditional citizenship before they can serve in our military?  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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