For the past 21 years we've gathered after the Bad Back to eat (usually Q-It-Up) and give away thousands for dollars in prizes.  During which time I've always said: "Did everybody make it?  Did everyone survive?  Two years ago a storm rolled through with torrential rain and  hurricane-force winds that took down trees and we were lucky no one was hurt.  Yesterday, though, it was about the heat.  It was the hottest Bad Back in history.

As we convened after golf the same question was asked but we were a little more serious about it this year.  The heat index was over one hundred degrees and the only thing that saved us was the wind.  One thing is for sure though, no matter what the conditions are, we always have a great time at The Bad Back Golf Party.  Stefani and I had gangs of fun on the Heckle Hole, the Drunk Driving Hole was an experience, there were some interesting outfits and at least one guy had blue balls.  Thanks to everyone who endured, thanks to Pineview Golf Club and Q-It-Up.  Check out some pics from Bad Back.


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