It's safe to say Vince Neil hasn't warmed up to Motley Crue's 1997 album Generation Swine.

"I hated that record. I still hate that record," the singer declared during an appearance on the Outsider podcast (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). "[There are] no good songs on it. And I told 'em, I go, 'This record sucks,'" to which he says his bandmates replied, "No. We love it. We love it."

Although Generation Swine marked Neil's return to Motley Crue after a five-year absence, he arrived as the band were already deep into the process of making a new album (tentatively entitled Personality #9) with his replacement, John Corabi. Rather than start fresh, the band tried to tweak the experimental and often trend-chasing songs to suit Neil's voice.

The result was the first Neil-fronted Motley Crue record to fail to reach platinum sales, and an album that is generally regarded as the creative low point in the band's discography. Last year when guitarist Mick Mars was asked to pick his favorite Motley Crue album he said: "All of them. Except for Generation Swine."

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Neil's recent Generation Swine comments echo ones he made during a 2011 interview with SF Gate. "I didn't want to do those songs. I didn't want to be there. I probably quit five more times while we were recording. It was a tough record to make."

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