Seth Rogen has revealed an uncomfortable conversation he had with Meat Loaf.

“I made this movie Sausage Party years ago,” Rogen says in a new interview with Jimmy Kimmel, referencing his successful 2016 animated film. “In it, there is a scene where [Meat Loaf’s hit] ‘I’d Do Anything for Love’ is playing. And we realize, ‘Oh! The meatloaf sings ‘I’d Do Anything for Love,’ it’s a movie about food that talks. We should have a meatloaf you cut to singing ‘I’d Do Anything for Love.’”

The gag seemed pretty simple, but Rogen was informed that he needed approval to make it happen. “In order to do that, we had to get the legal sign-off of Meat Loaf, the guy, to do a cartoon representation of him as a meatloaf," Rogan said. "So, the question became, ‘How are we going to pitch this to Meat Loaf?’ I was like, ‘I’ll just call Meat Loaf and explain it to him.’”

Rogen got Meat Loaf’s number and was told to phone at 2:30PM on a Friday afternoon. “I called him,” Rogan said. “The phone’s ringing, ringing, and ringing. I call like 10 times because I’m supposed to call it. Finally, Meat Loaf answers. He’s like, ‘Huh!? What? Huh?’ I’m like, ‘Meat Loaf! It’s Seth Rogen.’ He goes, ‘You woke me up from a nap!’ So, I’m like, ‘Bad start!’”

Meat Loaf then insisted Rogen refer to him as “Meat” – “a weird thing to be commanded,” Rogan quipped. “So, I explained, ‘Look, Meat. I have this film called Sausage Party, and in it, food talks, and there is a scene where we’re using one of your songs, and we thought it’d be funny if we cut to a meatloaf singing this song as your name is Meat Loaf. The food meatloaf is also called meatloaf.’ Then, there was like 30 seconds of silence, and then, he just goes, ‘Yeah, I get it!’ And he hung up.”

Meat Loaf eventually approved of the gag, which can be watched below. He died in 2022 at the age of 74.

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