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A couple recently "spilled the beans" about what a certain piece of jewelry may mean or signify.

The Sun has a story in which a couple, who are admittedly in an open marriage, states what the black wedding band on a man's hand could mean.

In recent years we've heard about what the pineapple may signify—namely that one is into multiple partners even while married—but now some are using the black wedding band to let other couples know that they too are "open" for some fun.

Yes, according to the couple in The Sun's story, the black wedding band on the man's right hand is a sign that couples are into "swinging."


The couple says that most would be shocked by the number of friends and family members who are into this lifestyle, and now many are using various signs to let other couples know of their lifestyle.

Still, some do reportedly use the pineapple image on their clothing to signify that they are "swingers," while others may even tie flashing colored loofahs to their cars to catch the attention of others with the same sexual preference.

Are we saying every man who wears a black wedding band is into multiple partners? Of course not, but this couple who spoke to The Sun says more and more men are using this "sign" to attract those into the same lifestyle.

If you want to read more about what this couple had to say about their lifestyle—and it's very detailed—you can click HERE.

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