Let's be honest, our favorite teams' rival's fans are the most annoying fans in the world.

That's not to say there aren't portions of the fanbase you belong to don't also get on your last nerve.

But, fans of other programs, especially those outside the national spotlight, can find the most successful teams have the most annoying fans.

But which fans are the most annoying? Based on a Barstool Sports list, the most annoying fans are scattered all across the state of Michigan.

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This list was made by Barstool Sports' Brandon Walker, the host of their popular college football show Unnecessary Roughness. Yeah, it's entirely his opinion - but is he wrong?

In some ways, yes. For instance, where are the Ohio State Buckeyes fans? Even they know they are annoying.

Regardless, I am not a Michigan Wolverine fan. In fact, the Wolverines beat my team, my alma mater, on the way to the College Football Playoff National Championship. And I'll be the first to admit, my Alabama Crimson Tide should absolutely be on this list. Not above Auburn or those psychos at Texas A&M mind you, but confidently top 10.

That said, I didn't see too much annoyance from my Michigan fan friends once the Rose Bowl was finished. In fact, I haven't experienced too much grief from Michigan fans at all as a displaced Alabama fan in their backyard.

But I am just one person. The rest of the country has had to endure the Wolverine faithful for the past few seasons as the Maize and Blue returned to glory.

Sure, Michigan State fans may hate that more than anyone, but it's expected for the nail to be annoyed by the hammer.

To sit at the top of the mountain ensures you will be hated by everyone. The Wolverines and their fans are public enemy number one headed into the 2024 college football season.

But take some pride in that if you're a Wolverine fan. After all, only one other team on this top 10 list has won a national championship in the past five years. The Penn State's, Florida State's and Notre Dame's suffer from a bit more delusion than those who have tasted championship victory in the past decade (or three).

Sure, Michigan fans had to wait a long time to get this one, and with Jim Harbaugh back in the NFL, another long wait may be on the way - but to the victor goes the spoils, yeah? And Michigan knows a thing or two about being the Victors.

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