Yes, vision-impaired people can legally hunt in Michigan.  Here's how...

If you have perfect vision and don't have blind people in your life, the question of can blind people hunt could catch you off guard.  The answer is probably the opposite of what you expected.  There are blind people in Michigan who enjoy hunting with both firearms and crossbows.  If you're thinking of a person with no vision just walking alone through the woods with a shotgun and shoots and anything that moves, that would be terrifying.  But that's not at all how this works.  People who are visually-impaired may hunt in the state of Michigan as long as they abide by all of the same rules and laws as all hunters along with the following conditions according to,

  • The person is accompanied by a sighted person who is at least 18 years of age;
  • The sighted person possesses proof of a current or previous hunting license (other than an apprentice license) or proof of successful completion of a hunter safety class;
  • The legally blind person possesses the appropriate hunting license and proof of impairment in the form of a Secretary of State ID card.
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You can also get a permit to use a laser sighting device for other disabilities.  Get more info by calling 517-284-6000.  Other states in the U.S. allow visually-impaired hunters.  However, there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of was states allow it and what the conditions are.

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