Making home-cooked meals in Michigan ensures that we know what's going into our food that we feed ourselves and our families. And most residents have a cupboard of spices we use daily to season our meals. But Michigan Health Officials and the FDA warn residents to immediately throw away a popular spice that has recently been recalled.


Michigan Health Officials Warn Residents Of Recalled Spice

In a recent news release, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services urges Michigan families to stop using recalled cinnamon products sold in Michigan stores. The warning stems from a recall alert issued by the FDA on March 6th. The FDA asked six companies whose cinnamon brands contain elevated lead levels to recall the brands voluntarily. Five of the six companies have issued recalls.

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Through product testing, the FDA has determined that the ground cinnamon products listed below contain elevated levels of lead and should not be consumed and thrown out immediately:

  • Marcum, sold at Save A Lot
  • Supreme Tradition, sold at Dollar Tree and Familly Dollar Stores
  • La Fiesta, sold at La Superior Supermercados
  • MK, sold at SF Supermarket
  • Swad, sold at Patel Brothers
  • El Chilar, sold at La Joya Morelense

MDHHS advises consumers to check their homes for the affected brands and throw them out now. These products have a long shelf life so consumers should check their cupboards for these cinnamon products that could have been bought before the FDA warning was issued. MDHHS will continue to monitor incoming information from the FDA.

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