Many of these Michigan town names will make you blush.  Did you know that there is a Dick, Michigan?  Maybe right now you're headed to downtown Butman.

Most of us have heard our share of Colon and Climax jokes. However, there are some alarming, I dare say, hilarious Michigan town names that you may not know about. I will do my best to present the 15 dirtiest-sounding Michigan town names without being inappropriate. Please, wish me luck.  With that being said, it's time to shut down that 13-year-old boy's sense of humor and check out these Michigan towns.


The Michigan towns below are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of the funniest or dirtiest.  From Bangor to Tittabawassee, it's about to get weird.

15 Michigan Towns That Have the Dirtiest Sounding Names

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It's worth noting that most of these towns were likely named in the 1800s.  So, a Michigan town called "Clam Union" wouldn't be funny at all back then.  For some reason, it makes me laugh until I cry today.  That might be more of a reflection of me than it is the town name.  What's your favorite dirty-sounding Michigan town name? Also, if we miss a hilariously dirty-sounding Michigan town please let us know in the comments.

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