There was a fallen traffic signal at the North Saginaw and Pasadena intersection in Flint, Michigan and as expected, residents took advantage of this rare photo and video opportunity. Well, from what I heard this is a more common occurrence in Flint than I thought, but still rare enough to surprise some folk.

Many responses had to do with the city of Flint and how their water crisis (completely unrelated) is somehow involved or described what was total shock due to the size of the traffic signal. Thankfully no cars were damaged and no one was hurt when the traffic signal came crashing down

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Dangaling For Dear Life

One Flint resident took to TikTok to share the experience with the entire world. The video from the TikTok user @1furillostar shows the drooping wire lines leaving the traffic signal touching the ground while it was still functioning properly. There was space around the signal for drivers to navigate the intersection and continue on their commute without damaging their vehicles.

@1furillostar Only my city ‍♂️ #flint #michigan #fypシ #viral ♬ VeggieTales Theme Song - VeggieTales

This video also shows the user posing next to the traffic signal and acting almost as a ruler comparison for the true size of the traffic signal. This image of the user next to the traffic signal had the comment section in just as much uproar as the fallen traffic signal.

Comedic Comments

Firstly, traffic signals are one of those things that we assume are small because we see them from a distance, but they also shock so many people when they find out that traffic signals are a few feet tall.

Comments like "No bc it always shocks me how big the traffic lights are in actuality. they look so small, but they’re not!", "Why have I never realized how big the lights are before", and "Wait the lights are this big" prove this theory to be true.

Meanwhile, some people just wanted to relate to the content creator as they live in Michigan and have experienced a down traffic signal. Others wanted to poke fun at the scenario and get a laugh out of the whole thing.

Comments like "it’s so ghetto down here", "The fact I know what street that is", "First the water, now the lights cmon", and "Flint is the da hood" were shared by other residents of Flint relating to the user.

Flint Funnies

The funniest comment of them all was a response to the comment "why is bro posing with the light?" and it said, "drank to much of that Flint water." First off, the grammatical errors were enough to make me bust out laughing than to think that drinking lead-poisoned water is what led him to take pictures with a traffic light as a whole other animal.

There are so many more comments to dive through and some of them are hilarious and others just remind you to not take anything for granted because you never really know. Next time you look at a traffic signal you should hope it doesn't fall on you but also the true size!

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