It's that special time of year when, much like Bernie Sanders, alternative women from around the state of Michigan will let you know that "I am once again asking you for your vote to become Inked Magazine's Cover Girl."

But much like the "Steal A Base, Steal Taco" and the "Free Slurpee Day" this may be a case of another corporation using the power of social media to not only get free advertising but to make money on something that may not even pay off.

A friend of mine from Battle Creek actually made it pretty far in the contest in 2022, but recently took to social media after re-posting a post from Facebook talking about how the contest, as they allege, is a scam:

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This is why I’m not participating this year. Several people came to me telling me they couldn’t submit votes for me anymore. And also when I checked who the “winner” was, she isn’t even on the cover of the magazine from the month it was supposed to be issued.

In another post, one woman was a little blunter with her take on the contest:

It’s all rigged, they already know who’s winning, and there’s a lot of money involved you’ll never see. They do this content to steal work from models. They own EVERYTHING you give them as soon as you submit it. you will never ever win, you will never get tattooed by Ryan Ashley (unless ur a miracle worker and you’re willing to pay huge bucks to get booked by her regularly) etc. This sounds harsh but it’s reality.
At the end of the day, many people say it's fine to participate in the event but to not let friends and family spend money on the contest. It's your call. If you can debunk it by winning, we wish you the best of luck


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