Schoolcraft has been home to one of the most unique sports complexes in all of southwest Michigan for years. But soon, it's gonna get an upgrade, and in order to expand, the iconic, inflatable dome has to first be taken down.

Like the iconic RCA Dome in Indianapolis, this larger-than-life inflatable will soon be popped, to make room for a newer, larger dome in the fall... and you're all invited to see it come down.

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Dome Sports Complex
Dome Sports Complex

In a release issued this week, the Dome Sports Center will actually be inviting the public to a "once-in-a-lifetime event" on July 1st to watch them deflate their iconic dome.

They'll be "poking the hole" in the dome at 10 am, and proves to be quite the sight to behold. They'll also have other fun activities, including a one-mile fun run for the kids, and a golf skills challenge.

Right now, the facility at 12733 US-131 in Schoolcraft is on a 30-acre campus with both indoor, and outdoor athletic fields. It has sport-specific coaches on staff that "build caring and trusting relationships to identify and develop athletes' potential."

Dome Sports Complex
Dome Sports Complex

Soon, in addition to its golf ranges, batting cages, golf suites, and Southwest Michigan's only Miracle field - a custom-designed baseball field that eliminates barriers to wheelchairs or visually impaired players - it will have upgrades that include air-conditioning, volleyball, basketball, and pickleball courts.

It will also have an upgraded airlock and restrooms.

One of the shining accomplishments of The Dome Sports Complex is its Miracle field, which owner Josh Baird says is one of his favorite parts of their complex.

"We want every athlete, regardless of their abilities, to feel at home and welcome here. It's not every day gets deflated, so we want everyone to celebrate this milestone with us and have some fun while we take the next step in fulfilling our vision."

The new dome, which will be MUCH larger, is scheduled to be installed in August, and all renovations are scheduled to be finished by November. However, while construction is underway, The Dome Sports Complex (sans dome) will continue to offer their outdoor summer camps, driving ranges, a flag football league, and volleyball and basketball programs.

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