I've always been a champion of the foods that don't try to kill me. And up until recently, ice cream has been my constant, my rock, and one of the most reliable foods in my fridge and freezer. Something that CAN'T be said about vegetables on a regular basis.

However, my hopes have been dashed, as nearly 60 ice cream products have now been recalled due to a Listeria outbreak, and I couldn't be more upset about it, as MANY of the products are sold in Michigan.

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As the heat gets cranked up around Michigan, we're reaching for the freezer more often to cool down, and of course that normally would include ice cream. However, the FDA has announced a recall on dozens of ice cream products for the presence of Listeria.

The products, all made by Totally Cool Inc. of Owings Mills, Maryland, include products manufactured by bands like Jeni's, Friendly's, Chipwich, and even Hershey's.

Thankfully, at this time, no illnesses have been reported, but if not handled properly, it's only a matter of time.

So, the FDA is asking that anyone who might have one of THESE 60 products in their freezer, they should return them for a full refund. They can be identified by the date and bar codes.

The part that really hurts me here, personally, isn't the Hershey's brand stuff at all, or the Friendly's ice cream... no... it's the Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich. Of all the sandwiches I've eaten, it's my favorite.

So I guess... I'll just have to settle with a NORMAL ice cream sandwich for now.

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