2 West Michigan cities are among the 5 highest cost of living in the state of Michigan.

As a state, Michigan is a very affordable state to live in compared to the rest of the Nation.  In fact, Michigan was recently ranked the 32nd highest cost of living out of the 50 United States according to Forbes.  There are, however, quite a few cities in Michigan that went way above the national average cost of living. It's no surprise to anyone that 8 of the 10 Michigan cities with the highest cost of living are on the East side of the state.  However, it came as a pretty big surprise to me that 2 of the highest cost-of-living cities in Michigan are in West Michigan.  Can you name them before you scroll down?

Highest Cost of Living in Michigan

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Most of the most expensive Michigan cities are smaller cities clustered around the Detroit area except for New Buffalo and East Grand Rapids.  I'm not too surprised about New Buffalo with its proximity to Chicago and Lake Michigan.  However, East Grand Rapids did surprise me more than a little bit.

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