Coyotes can be very dangerous to young children and small pets as they are being caught on video attacking at a higher rate than ever.

If you haven't seen or heard coyotes in Michigan yet, you likely will at some point.  The coyote population isn't necessarily increasing.  However, they are popping up in broad daylight in heavily populated areas looking for food more than ever.  If you've heard a weird sound like multiple animals laughing, you probably heard a pack of coyotes.  This sound is being heard late at night on the West side of Kalamazoo lately.  You can hear them in the video below.

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Coyotes are in the dog family and can appear harmless.  There are many crazy videos where women are picking up what they think are stray dogs only to soon find out they have a wild animal in their cars.  You don't have to look too long to find videos online showcasing how dangerous coyotes can be.  For example, the viral video below of a coyote attacking a small toddler.

There are many graphic videos online of coyotes attacking small pets.  I prefer not to share those or even watch them for that matter.  But check out this video of a coyote sneaking up on a sleeping dog.

If you see a coyote, do not approach it.  Just make loud noises to scare it away.  Even if your yard is fenced in, keep an eye on your toddlers and small pets.


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