National Fast Food Day might have you thinking of your favorite food choices from your favorite fast food restaurant. Burgers, pizza, french fries, soda, and shakes. And many of our favorite fast-food franchises have iconic, memorable mascots that are just as part of the brand as its food and drinks. Which got us thinking of the most iconic fast food mascots right here in Michigan.

Michigan's Favorite Fast Food Mascots

It turns out that we have a love for mascots of pizza places here in Michigan. We chose 8 iconic fast food mascots and five of them serve up pizza.

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The Noid- Domino's Pizza

The Noid launched in 1986 who schemes to prevent Domino’s from delivering its pizza in 30 minutes or less.

Howie- Hungry Howie's Pizza

The blonde hair 'dough-eyed' boy has been the pizza chain's mascot since 1973.

Jet Man- Jet's Pizza

It's not known when Jet Man started appearing as the mascot for Jets, but we believe it was in the 90's. The first Jet's opened up in Sterling Heights, MI in 1978.

Little Caesar- Little Caesar's Pizza

This toga wearing mascot has been saying his catchphrase 'Pizza, Pizza!' since 1979.

Big Boy- Big Boy Restaurants

The Big Boy mascot has been tweaked and updated throughout the years, but has mostly been a small boy with a black pompadour wearing red and white checkered overalls. The mascot is said to be based on an actual boy who was a customer in the 1930's.

Mr. Pop- National Coney Island

The cartoon Greek chef has been around since 1965 serving up coney's and hani's.

Ricky- Tubby's Sub Shop

Ricky is named after the founder of Tubby's, Richard Paganes. Tubby's opened its first sub shop in 1968 in St. Clair Shores.

Happy- Happy's Pizza

Happy was named after the founder of Happy's pizza, Happy Asker. The first Happy's pizza was opened on the east side of Detroit in 1994.

Michigan's Most Iconic Fast Food Mascots

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The Most Popular Fast Food Restaurants in Michigan

What are the most popular fast-food restaurants here in Michigan? If you're automatically assuming that the chain with the Golden Arches has the most locations, you're in for a shock.

As you take a look at the pics below, see if you can figure out which location we've featured. All pictures are from the greater Flint area, and we've left in just enough background for you to be able to make an educated guess.

The answers are below.

By the way, the ranking is based on the restaurants with the most locations in The Mitten, based on data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. Their numbers are based on data compiled in 2021, so some numbers may have fluctuated since then.

Gallery Credit: George McIntyre


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