Something new is growing at WMU's Waldo Library!

Whether you're a novice or a thriving horticulturist, now's the perfect time to preparing your pots and planters in order to have a thriving garden this season.

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Have you ever heard of a "seed library"?

How It Works

If you've never heard of a seed library I'm sure you'll be able to pick up on the general idea as it works just like a typical library; except instead of borrowing books, you're borrowing seeds.


Associate Dean of Education and User Services, Mary O'Kelly organized the program, working with a team of like-minded growers who collected free seed donations to package and pass on to others. Prior to joining the Broncos O'Kelly held a similar position at GVSU.

In a press release O'Kelly says,

Seed libraries are intended to support sustainable agriculture, build social systems around food security, and share cultural knowledge about food sources and traditional gardening practices...There’s something incredibly rewarding about sitting down to a meal with food you grew yourself, even if it’s just simple lettuce and herbs from a kitchen windowsill

Waldo Library WMU
Waldo Library via Google Maps

Who Can Use It?

Not only is the seed library free to use, but it's not just limited to students; anyone in the community can take advantage of the free seed-sharing program. The seed library is available anytime Waldo Library is open and potential gardeners can find the seeds located inside cabinet on the first floor.

Seeds packets are marked with their collection dates and will be kept for three years. Those who wish to participate are asked to only take what they intend to plant and please limit yourself to five packets. The library will also offer resources to help first time gardeners and hopes to offer educational programming later this year.

Similar programs are starting to sprout across Michigan including right here in Portage. Do you plan to take advantage of our local seed libraries this season?

You can find more details on the WMU seed library here.

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