Many of us consider road trips as the weather warms up in Michigan. Many people are planning on traveling to the Mitten for all the state has to offer for the perfect summer vacation. But one place has recently been named one of the worst tourist traps to avoid in Michigan and the U.S.


Famous Michigan Attraction Named 'Worst Tourist Trap'

Tourist traps are public places that attract out-of-town travelers who offer overpriced food, drinks, and souvenirs. Cheapism recently released its list of the worst tourist traps in America. And one famous Michigan attraction landed on the list.

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Cheapism claims that Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, MI may be overhyped:

Said to have been discovered in the 1950s by surveyors who became lightheaded and couldn't get equipment to operate there, the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace seems to mess with gravity, make tall people seem smaller, and cause plenty of other confusing phenomena. Or so they say. You might say it leans heavily on kitsch. It led one Yelper to remark, “The mystery is why did I pay for this?”

But honestly, where can you go hang out in a crooked house...

Catch some breathtaking views of Michigan while zip-lining...

And play a game of putt-putt golf?

Mystery Spot beats traveling to the Henry Ford Museum to see Thomas Edison's 'final breath' in a glass tube.


What do you think? Is Mystery Spot one of the worst tourist traps? It's worth a trip to see for yourself.

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