We all seem to know those uber-popular restaurants that everyone knows and goes to. We're talking about those places where you wait to get a table and have a good chance of running into someone you know because it's everyone's "go-to spot". Truth is, sometimes the best places are those little-known, but so delicious eateries that some would love to keep their little secret.

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The secret is about to be out on those special hidden gem restaurants across the country. Love Food is back at it and this time they are sharing some of the best-kept secrets across the nation. They have just released a list of "The Best Hidden Gem Restaurants in Every State" to let us all in on where to find incredible places to dine.

"Some of the best food can be found where you least expect it. Sure, we love to eat at big ticket places – but stumbling across unexpected greatness? Unbeatable. Tucked away behind unassuming storefronts, based in the middle of nowhere, or frequented only by lucky locals, we’ve found the best under-the-radar spots in every state", they  wrote. 


They relied on real user reviews, awards and accolades, and the first-hand experience of their team to compile the delectable list.

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What is Michigan's Hidden Gem Restaurant?

Love Food has crowned Iva's Chicken Dinners as the "Best Hidden Gem Restaurant in Michigan," and trust us, it's a title well-deserved! Located just outside of Standish in Sterling, Michigan, this timeless place has been serving up delicious food for decades. Here's what caught Love Food's eye;

"This quaint farmhouse-turned-chicken restaurant has been serving its signature dish for 85 years and counting. Originally set up in 1938 to feed the oil rig workers renting rooms in the house, Iva’s now provides delicious chicken dinners to locals and folks off the expressway alike. You won’t find anyone trying to reinvent the wheel here, and thank goodness for it – this is basic food prepared to a sky-high standard. Perfect chicken with proper mashed potatoes, biscuits, and gravy? Yes please".


Now that the word is out, you may want to make your way to Iva's before the wait's too long. Be sure to check out the full state-by-state list of those other hidden gems here. 

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