In response to the governor's order to have restaurants and bars close at 3:00pm today, Jimmy's Roadhouse in Paw Paw posted a message on their Facebook page saying, quote,

In the wake of the corona virus epidemic and having to shut down restaurants at 3:00 P.M. today, we will be opening at noon to give away free lunches with the purchase of a drink.

Choices include:

Small sandwiches

Various meats

Spinach dip, corned beef dip, with chips.

Fried fish

Taco bar

Coleslaw, cottage cheese.

With purchase of beverage!

Spread the word as we only have a few hours! Thank you everyone for your patronage!

If you or a neighbor are in need of making your money stretch further than usual due to the pandemic, get on down to Jimmy's. Help them make sure no one goes hungry, and no food goes to waste.


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