Everybody has heard of the fabled Jackalope which is a mix between a rabbit and a deer, type of creature but we all know that’s the stuff of legend and imagination. But recently a tourism group called Johnny Panther Quests was walking around the Shiawassee Flats, when they noticed a new nest that hadn’t been there last year. After snapping a photo of the nest they noticed something was sitting in it, that didn’t quite look like a bird. After zooming in on it they discovered that they couldn’t even identify what it was that was in a nest.

They zoomed in on the creature and from my vantage point this thing almost looks like a bat, a giant mutated bat. They’ve been asking the public for their opinion on what they think this creature is because as far as I can tell, I’ve never seen anything like this and neither have they. A couple of people said it was a fox in a tree but quickly scratched that out of the equation. Can you tell what it is? They make a note on how low quality the image to begin with, and indeed it is making it hard to decipher what it could possibly be.

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OK Facebook friends, we need your help identifying what this crappy image is. New nest this year. We are hoping for a certain something, what do you think it is?

Johnny Panther Quests Facebook
Johnny Panther Quests Facebook

If you have any idea of what it could be, please let them AND us know.

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