Trim the sails and chart the course from South Haven to the 19th Century when you spend your Summer crewing on the tall ship replica  Friends Good Will.

If you love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, 1970s one hit wonders featured on Peter Quill's Awesome Mix, the Great Lakes, and know port from starboard, this could be the job for you. Michigan Maritime Museum is looking for a volunteer crew for the 2021 sailing season on Friends Good Will.

Feel the water beneath you and the wind in your sails when you join the volunteer crew of Friends Good Will at the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven. Whether a seasoned sailor or a complete novice, this course prepares you for sailing aboard a traditional Great Lakes sloop. Experience the freedom and history this educational tall ship provides for crew and passengers alike.

-Michigan Maritime Museum via Facebook

Friends Good Will is a replica of a 19th Century vessel, whose design and name are taken from a real ship that was built in Michigan in 1810 and has quite a story. The job is volunteer, so there won't be any booty involved, but if you love the water this is the ideal Summer job.

Before you ask...Yes, there will be a 2021 sailing season. Friends Good Will was in operation for nearly all of the 2020 season, switching from individual ticket sales to chartering the entire ship for tours.

So, if you want to play captain Jack Sparrow, if your life, your love and your lady is the sea, and you are a true Michigan lover of the Great Lakes, come aboard, matey!

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FOR SALE: Feast Yer Eyes on This Pirate Ship



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