Book private passage on this 1810 tall ship replica and voyage back in time to when there were only seventeen states in the union.

Friends Good Will has been docked at Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven since 2004. The design and name are taken from a real ship that was built in Michigan in 1810 and has quite a story. "In the summer of 1812, she was chartered by the federal government to take military supplies to Fort Dearborn, a small military and trading post at what is now Chicago." Friends Good will was then captured by the British at Mackinac Island, and fought in the Royal Navy before being rewon at the Battle of Lake Erie. She was then a part of the successful invasion of Southern Ontario before being burned by the British in a raid on Buffalo.

You can sail the Black River in South Haven, near Lake Michigan, on this historic replica, reliving her amazing history and seeing what life was like for sailors on the tall ships at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Summer trips are a yearly occurrence from Michigan Maritime Museum but, of course, because of COVID-19, everything is different this year. No individual tickets will be sold, but rather, you can charter the entire ship. For just $500, you can make your own passenger manifest and up to 14 guests can embark on a 90-minute trip on Friends Good Will.

Tickets are NOW LIVE for the 2020 season!

In the wake of COVID-19, the Museum has decided to change how we operate our...

Posted by Michigan Maritime Museum on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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