Sometimes the internet is a strange place, and I don't know how I end up in certain corners, but once in a while, I'm glad I wind up there.

Case and point, I recently found out about a new cult attraction in Chicago that has become a bit of a legend for the locals. I give you, the Chicago Rat Hole.

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It's incredible, and strangely detailed, a hole, imprinted in the concreate, that is in the exact shape of what seems to be a New York-sized rat. Though, some speculate whether it was a rat at all.

So let's start with the origins of the hole, which nobody can specifically narrow down. But we do know it's been a staple of the neighborhood its in for quite some time. The Looney Toons-like imprint of an animal in the concrete adds to the strange, and funny character of Chicago.

In a recent story with the Chicago Sun Times residents reminisce about their interactions with the hold.

"This is just like such a little lovely piece of joy. You can show this to someone who doesn't speak a word of English, you can show this to someone 500 years ago, and they would know exactly what happened. It's just a universally lovely, funny thing." - Winslow Dumaine, an artist in Chicago

The rat, or squirrel, that is permanently imprinted in the concrete might disagree with the sentiment. But, nonetheless, The Rat Hole is now a cult attraction, and brings small tokens of appreciation from passers by, and tourists alike.

Small coins, toys, trinkets, and other offerings are routinely left at the Rat Hole, and the news has even taken this viral sensation and turned it into headlines.

And of course, people are making the pilgrimage to visit the Rat Hole, with some giving it the most Chicago possible tribute possible... a shot of Malort.

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