One of the best parts of traveling is seeing how the rest of the world views every-day things. Even something as simple as a sunset can appear entirely different to someone who has seen the same sun set a thousand times from their own backyard.

But for those who travel to Michigan, and get to see the sun drop below the horizon here, it's a truly unique experience that can ONLY be seen in the Wolverine State.


Michigan is surrounded by water on nearly every side except for the southern border, and the western border of the Upper Peninsula. So, naturally, a sunset (or even sunrise) over water is going to look impressive. But the benefit of Michigan is, we're surrounded by fresh water.

For those who get to see sunsets in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, or somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, YES, those sunsets can be pretty amazing, but when you shine light through sea water, it turns green. And since the majority of the world is covered by salty, oceanic water, that means the majority of your open-sea sunset photos will typically have a green look to the water.

But not in Michigan. Fresh water won't have that color, and is typically seen as blue, or even just a ripply reflective surface. What results is something that LOOKS like it's overlooking the ocean in the Pacific Northwest, but in reality, is right in the middle of the continent.

Michigan also has a lot of characteristics along the shorelines that other inland lakes don't. For instance, shots of a lighthouse standing over the shores of a massive inland sea of fresh water is nearly exclusive to Michigan. And if you're looking for diversity in your setting, you'll find anything from fresh, sandy beaches, to rocky outcrops, and even some cliff edges up around Lake Superior in particular.  

But maybe the biggest thing that sets Michigan's sunsets apart from the rest, is the weather. Sunsets over a partially frozen Lake Michigan, looking out over icy boat docks, and plants dangling icicles and covered in snow makes for an incredible foreground to the setting sun.

Some places in the world have a few of these things, but almost nowhere else in the world has ALL of them in one place... except for Michigan. It's why this state, hands down, is the most beautiful place to be when the sun starts getting low on the horizon.

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