As Michiganders, we have a pretty good handle on where the "good" spots are, and some of the "less than desirable" locations around the state. We know where the tourist traps are, and where most of the rough neighborhoods are too.

But what about AI? Would an AI service know which parts of Michigan aren't as kind to people, and WHY we should avoid those areas?

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I got curious the other day, where were some places that you actually SHOULDN'T go in Michigan, because talk about all the great places all the time. But, I didn't just want to talk to locals, I wanted a fresh take on the matter.

So, I reached out to and asked their AI ChatBot where were 10 places in Michigan I should avoid, and why, and the results were surprising.

The AI did start off, though, before listing the not-so-great spots, that it actually likes Michigan.

"I must emphasize that Michigan is a wonderful state with many safe and wonderful places to visit... Please keep in mind that these are not necessarily 'Danger Zones,' or entirely off-limits. However, it's essential to exercise caution when visiting these places, especially at night or alone.
"It's also important to note that Michigan ahs many wonderful and safe areas to visit. If you're looking for recommendations on great places to visit in Michigan, I'd be happy to help!"

Well, we appreicate it DeepAI Chat, but we're out to see what you think are the most dangerous places in the state, and the results were interesting.

Some of it seemed pretty predictable, like areas past 8 Mile Road in Detroit, and other urban areas especially at night. But there were a few curious results as well. I wonder what you think about the list that AI generated, and how accurate it is.

Would you add any other places to avoid MORE than these 10 spots in Michigan?

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