I am trying to focus my thoughts as I being to relay this ugly story from Allen Park. Anger? Hey, Jack, we all get angry. The past year has made us angry. The past week of heat and humidity makes us all angry, but this, and over $30 dollars?

I ran across this story from suburban Detroit.

Here's what happened.

WWJ reports a 22 year old Dearborn man came into a pet store in Allen Park, and wanted to return a parakeet. And he wanted the $30 he spent to buy the bird. The store owner said no, he couldn't have the money, but he could have a store credit.

The man got angry, threw the carrier to the ground and stomped the bird in two steps. The store owner claims he saw what looked like the bird's wing had been bitten, so there's obviously more to this story.

If there is anything positive, the whole incident was caught on video, so filing charges might be easier. The Dearborn man faces possible felony animal cruelty and abuse charges.

Why would anyone do this?

This isn't specific to killing a bird. Killing any living thing is a horrible act.

I don't know the reasoning behind not giving a cash refund for a purchase like this, and I'm pretty sure most people don't take that into consideration when they make a purchase like this. You don't make a buy like this with the idea of getting your money back. And this isn't the forum to delve into any deep psychological reasons that would make a person react this way. You just shake your head, feel a bit helpless and ask "why?"

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