McDonald's is at it again!!!  The last time it was free fries on 4/20 but there was a catch.  In order to get your 4/20 munchies you had to download an app.  Well, this time it's free Big Macs and guess what?  That's right.  There's a catch.

The Big Mac turns 50 this year and to celebrate Mickey D's will be giving away free Big Macs.  But first you have to stop in to a location near you and pick up...are you ready for this....a MacCoin.  Yup.  McDonald's has created what they're calling a "global currency" and they're calling it the MacCoin which you can then redeem for a Big Mac starting on Friday.  And wouldn't you know there are five different MacCoins making them collectables with each representing a different decade of the Big Mac's existence.  Check out the rest of the story from our friends at WXYZ by clicking HERE.

BONUS VIDEO - The Last Hot n Now

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