The Kalamazoo Reddit page is very quickly becoming my go-to when I need recommendations for local eats. After all, I'd rather trust the word of a local than some online review from someone who may not even live in town.

Upon today's visit, I found a post that was worded perfectly:

Any good sources for cheesecake in the kzoo/portage area?

I don't know why the use of "sources" amuses me so much. It makes cheesecake sound like a valuable and necessary need in life. Which, honestly, is mostly true for me.

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Like many times before, the people of Kalamazoo and Portage came through with their recommendations. Here are 5 places in the Kalamazoo/Portage area where you can find some delicious cheesecake:

1. Huey D's Goodies 

First on the list is Huey D's Goodies. Huey D's is a specialty cheesecake shop however, I don't believe they have a physical store. Recommended by u/stragepepperoni, they said,

Huey D's Goodies has lots of unique cheesecake slices for sale around town — they carry them at MOMA.

MOMA refers to the Market on Michigan Avenue. Although, according to their Facebook page, you may be able to find these delectable cheesecakes at local events or even have them delivered depending on where you live. And, they even have an app. Find more information here.

2. Specialty Cheesecake 

Specialty Cheesecake had a few nods as a great "source" of cheesecake. U/dutchie727 wrote,

Specialty cheesecake is the best!! They set up all over at different events but you can also purchase at Kazoopys and Round Bread Company.

According to their website, they have a catalogue of 100+ flavors and feature about 8-10 of those flavors weekly. As the above comment says, you can find their cheesecakes at Kazoopy's Westwood location and at Round Bread Sandwich Company. Although, you may find Specialty Cheesecake at special events like food truck rallies and you can order online. Find more information here.

3. Victorian Bakery 

Almost everything under the category of "baked goods" can be found at The Victorian Bakery. While the above picture doesn't feature a cheesecake specifically, this place comes highly recommended. In fact, I've been scolded several times because I've yet to visit The Victorian Bakery. On Reddit, this recommendation came from u/Street_Tip.

According to their website, The Victorian Bakery strives to use locally sourced, natural ingredients in their products which they bake fresh on a daily basis. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated on their latest creations.

4. Four Roses 

Four Roses was recommended, although graphicly, by u/HaikuWisdom who commented,

Go to Four Roses in Plainwell and consider takeout so that your orgasmic moans aren't disruptive to others.

I'm going to take the leap and assume that the food served at Four Roses must be delicious. While not directly in Kalamazoo, people say it's worth the 20+minute drive to Plainwell to experience their cheesecake and other menu items.

According to their website, their menu changes daily so make sure your double check that your favorite will be available the day you choose to visit. As well, you can find updates on their Facebook page. 

5. Chau Haus Schnitzel Station 

Offering German cuisine, Chau Haus Schnitzel Station apparently serves a great cheesecake too. On their menu, which you can find here, they list flavors such as Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Pistachio Chocolate Chip. However, they also mention that their flavors change constantly and that they're, "famous for their cheesecake."

See their Facebook page for updates on changing cheesecake flavors which you can buy whole or by the slice.

Is your favorite cheesecake "source" missing from this list? Don't hesitate to reach out. If there's one thing I never mind it's someone pointing out that I missed a delicious spot for food.

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