A man from Ohio was arraigned Monday in Kalamazoo, after he was arrested in the act of smuggling over $300,000 worth of crystal meth.

The Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement team had been investigating reports of a man, who had been transporting large amounts of methamphetamine from California to an address in Kalamazoo Township.  The investigation culminated in the arrest of 36-year-old Buddy Randall Parker Saturday.

Photo Provided By The Kalamazoo Department Of Public Safety.


A loaded handgun was found on him, and a search of his car turned up over 5 pounds of meth, two more handguns and at least $2,000 in cash.  KVET tipped off Ohio police, and a search of Parker’s home turned up more meth, firearms and cash.

On Monday, Parker was arraigned in Kalamazoo County District Court on meth and firearm charges, with a bond set for $2 million.