Every day celebrates something in this country.  In fact, most days celebrate several things.  On 3/14 we celebrate, among other things, "Pi Day" commemorating the irrational number of 3.141592653.  It's also albert Einstein's birthday who was born in 1879.   The U.S. Government actually made Pi Day official back in 2009.  The first known celebration was in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium when physicist Larry Shaw had the idea to celebrate by marching in a circle and then eating pies.

The pie theme continues to this day and will be on display at Blaze Pizza on W. Main in Kalamazoo.  All day Thursday 3/14 Blaze Pizza will be offering whole pizzas for $3.14 which, as you may or not know, that's a pretty good deal and the pizzas are tasty.  Of course there are several other ways to celebrate Pi Day and the most obvious of which is by eating Pie.  Click the button below to find some of the places.



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